The Essentials Of Java In Selenium With Examples

In this blog, we will discuss Essentials Of Java In Selenium, Explain Major Selenium Concepts, and how they are used in Selenium, including the Collection class. 

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OOPS Concepts

Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Encapsulation are the three building blocks of Java, an Object-Oriented Programming Language.

1) Inheritance

Inheritance is the process by which a child or subclass gets the features of the base or parent class, allowing us to reuse the base class’s methods in a subclass. The phrase “extends” is use to define Inheritance.

2) Encapsulation

Encapsulating code and data into a single unit is known as encapsulation. It’s used to keep the data of a class hidden from another type. Encapsulation is done when all values are made private, and a public method in a class can be used to get the variable’s data.

3) Polymorphism

The term “One Multiple Input Method” best describes polymorphism. It enables us to complete a task in many formats: Method Overriding (Static Polymorphism) and Method Overloading (Dynamic Polymorphism).

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Implementation Of OOPS Concepts

We’ll now look at how these concepts are use in Selenium testing and what kinds of OOPS examples is find in Selenium.

1) Inheritance

We establish a Base Class in a standard Page Object Model to set the WebDriver interface, Data Source, Excel Reader, Property File or Config File, WebDriver waits, and so on. In our Test Class and Utility Class, we modify the Base Class.

We do this by utilizing the extended keyword to create Inheritance. It makes the class more usable, as we won’t have to write the same startup code repeatedly. It increases reusability and minimizes code length, reducing your suite’s Time and Space Costs.

2) Encapsulation

We know that we build a new class for each page in a POM Project. These classes are good examples of encapsulation, in which the data of one type is away from the data of the other.

We define the data members using @FindBy and create them using a function Object() { [native code] } with initElement() to use them in the test methods in these POM Classes.

3) Polymorphism

Polymorphism is based on the idea of a single network that supports various means. WebDriver is an interface that contains multiple browser methods such as

  • ChromeDriver()
  • IEDriver()
  • SafariDriver()
  • FirefoxDriver() ().

Collection Class Hierarchy For Java Selenium

Collection Class Hierarchy For Java Selenium

Collection Class Hierarchy For Java Selenium

Selenium’s Collection Class and Its Applications

A container that holds a set of items or objects is refers to as a collection. We often employ Set, Map, and List methods to store WebElements such as window handle, object, and key values in Selenium.


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