Reasons To Use Selenium for Automation Testing

If you intend to begin your career in the automation field, then you must choose the right career path. The automation field is becoming a most sought-after career for young graduates because automation is everywhere, and it’s not restricted to IT sectors alone.

So, selenium automation tester has numerous job options available, but every sector requires a qualified and certified tester. Moreover, in the job portal, more than 6000+ job opportunites are available for the selenium automation tester. If you want to become a selenium automation tester, join Selenium Training in Chennai, which will help you understand the selenium testing framework, tools, and advantages of selenium in automation testing.

In this blog, we shall discuss the advantages of Selenium, Selenium-supported languages, benefits of the selenium automation framework and selenium features.

Why Selenium:

Selenium is unquestionably one of the top testing technologies to assist developers with automation testing. As a result, there is a growing need for Selenium automation testers, increasing over time.

According to the survey, Selenium has grown to be the most demanded of all web testing tools, with a massive 100 per cent increase in job opportunities over the preceding three years.

Advantages of Using Selenium for Automated Testing

Language and Framework Support

The first question when selecting a tool is, “Does my tool support the language that I know?” It is not the case with Selenium since it supports all leading programming languages for software test automation, including Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, and Perl.

These scripting languages can be used to create code, and Selenium quickly turns them into Selenium-compatible code. Therefore, knowledge of languages specific to Selenium is not required. Additionally, each language that supports Selenium has specialized frameworks that aid in creating test scripts for Selenium test automation. Therefore, if you choose Selenium as your automated testing tool, you won’t need to worry about language or framework support because Selenium takes care of that, which is a significant advantage of Selenium.

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Open Source Availability

The availability of Selenium as open source software is just one of several factors that enhance its benefits. Therefore, Selenium is a globally available free automation framework that doesn’t require any management cost because it is an open-source product. Consequently, you can save money.

The Selenium network continually assists software engineers and developers automate web browser functions and functionalities. Being open source, Selenium also makes it easier to modify the code for better code management and to increase the functionality of built-in functions and classes. 

Due to the simplicity test scripts can be produced to verify functioning, Selenium has emerged as the most reliable web automation tool.

Various Browser Support

The Selenium team has been focusing on improvising “one Selenium script for all browsers”. The most popular browsers globally are Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Edge. Selenium script is compatible with all of the browsers mentioned above. Instead of writing a script for each browser, one script is used for all of them. Among various features of Selenium, browser compatibility is the best feature that Selenium provides. 

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Support for a Wide Range of Operating Systems

Your automation solution must support every operating system because different users use different ones. Despite this, Selenium is a very portable tool that supports and functions on various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, UNIX, etc.

Selenium test suites can be created on any platform, such as Windows, and run on a different platform, such as Mac or Linux. 

This makes it simple for software testers and developers to create test automation code without focusing too much on the platform that will host them.

Implementation Efficacy

Selenium automation framework is a technology that is relatively simple to use. Moreover, it is acknowledged for its flexibility that aids us in creating and implementing a test script effortlessly. You can also monitor the running tests and analyze and prepare the test report of Selenium. Further, you can also take further action to run the selenium test. In running the test, you will be supported by the crew members who help solve the complex queries. 

Reusability and Integrations

As discussed above, selenium test scripts are reusable and compatible with multiple browsers and OS. But you might face difficulties if Selenium doesn’t have a complete web automation testing tool. So, you require a third-party framework to support the efficient testing scope.

For Example

TestNG and JUnit is the best testing framework to integrate with Selenium for running test cases and creating reports. Furthermore, you must integrate with the continuous integration, delivery, and deployment tool for continuous testing. The tools include Jenkins, CircleCI, TeamCity, Bamboo, GitLab, Buddy, Travis CI, and Codeship.

Furthermore, if you intend to do image-based testing, you need Sikuli Selenium-based tools for testing. Additionally, for running cross-browser testing with the cloud grid, you require the same testing tool- Sikuli. By this, you could understand that Selenium can be integrated with all management tools. 


In the testing lifecycle, test management is important. Moreover, with refactoring and regrouping, selenium testing is easier and more efficient. This flexibility allows the developer and tester to change the code quickly. Moreover, it reduces difficulties and duplication and enhances the process. These features help Selenium maintain its competitive edge by making it more adaptable and useable than other automated testing technologies.

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Parallel Test implementation

The purpose of utilizing selenium testing in every sector is to speed up the automation process. Moreover, selenium automation testing saves the time and effort of the tester and developer. 

With the aid of a selenium grid, we can implement various tests parallelly. Cloud-grids, used for cross-browser testing, can be used for testing across multiple browsers using Selenium. Due to this parallel testing erffiv=ceienvy, we can save lots of time in the running test. 

Less Hardware Usage

Compared to other automation testing tools like Appium, Katalon Studiom, Cucumber, HPE Unified Functional Testing, SoapUI, TestComplete, and Worksoft, you will understand that Selenium requires less hardware. 

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Easy to Learn and Use

Selenium scripts are not as complicated as algorithms. 

Writing a few lines of code to automate your website’s capabilities is all it takes to create a Selenium script. 

You can generate Selenium scripts for later use by using the record and replay features of the Selenium IDE extension for the Firefox browser.

Constant Updates

The Selenium community continuously releases updates and new versions since it is a community that supports Selenium, and we are all aware that a dynamic community doesn’t like to stagnate. 

The best thing about community is that you don’t need special training because these changes are easily accessible and understandable. Selenium is, therefore, more resourceful and economical than other tools.

Now, you would have understood selenium advantages, selenium features and limitations of selenium. So, to learn more about selenium, you can join Selenium Training in Bangalore, which will help you understand to choose the appropriate language used for automation by the QTP tool.

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